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Deer Park Flowers

Looking to get your floral groove on in Deer Park? Get in touch with Sarah’s Flowers.

Does it get any better than Deer Park? At less than 20km north west of the metropolitan delights of Melbourne’s CBD, heaps of beautiful bushland and creeks, plenty of space, and a fab community who knows that Sarah’s Flowers are totally where it’s at when they want a pressie that looks the bomb without costing one. Our Deer Park flowers are both awesome and affordable, and how many flower services can boast that? We get them fresh directly from the best growers and Melbourne’s world class flower market. You can trust your bouquet will include fresh flowers to ensure maximum longevity for your lucky recipient. Imported flowers are expensive because of all the transport. At Sarah’s Flowers we get our flowers from the field to your hands in double quick time, and because we skip overpriced imported flowers you get a fab bouquet at a great price - score!

Photobombing your sister’s wedding pics seemed funny at the time but now she’s got them back and seen your efforts well, let’s just say it’s lucky looks can’t kill. You might blame the photographer (he should have noticed, right?) but even her honeymoon tan can’t hide that angry shade of red she’s sporting and you know you need to apologise, pronto. It’s a good thing you’ve got Sarah’s Flowers on your side. A few clicks online or via our mobile site and you can organise the perfect way to say “sorry” while staying out of her way until she’s cooled down. We reckon Tropical Orchid will do the trick. It’s a white ceramic pot filled with exotic orchids and lush greenery for a zen effect that should calm her ire. If you’re a little light on cash check out our Specials page. You’ll get a top quality bouquet for a rock bottom price. Your sis will be impressed with your generosity and start speaking to you again (which is good because you want to borrow her car), and you’ll be stoked because you haven’t had to spend much and you’ve got some funny pics to show for it.

Our flowers aren’t just what you want when you need to get yourself out of trouble, they’re a great gift for any time you need a pressie. If you hate shopping you’ll love organising flower delivery to Deer Park with us because it will be the fastest gift shopping you’ve ever done. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, your anniversary, saying “thanks”, or sending a get well message are all a breeze with our smooth service. When you order by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, we’ll offer you our same day service at our normal low delivery rate. There’s always going to be a time when you need a last minute pressie and we don’t think you should have to pay extra for wanting flowers at short notice. We’re not the best because we’re the best looking (although our mum reckons we’re cute), we’re the best because we give our customers what they want without drama. Get Sarah’s Flowers to sort your ever flower need and you’ll be laughing.

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